In the summer of 2017 I had the honor of being part of the Varda Artists Residency in California, aboard the SS Vallejo houseboat.

A place with a lot of history that has hosted international artists and writers from all disciplines since 1940 like Jean Varda, Jack Kerouac, Maya Angelou, Gordon Onslow Ford, Mark Tobey, Robert Matta, Ruth Asawa, Alan Watts, Allen Ginsberg, Henry Miller…

To live in a houseboat in the San Francisco bay was a vibrant new experience that the artwork had to reflect. You can notice a gentle movement, a feeling of lightness when living on the water and the sun marks the rhythm of the day, all the rooms are composed by huge windows to the ocean that flood of light with the sunrise, but when the sun sets turn to darkness.

I mixed all those sensations: the lightness, the gentle movement and the importance of sunlight which led me to build lightweight mobile sculptures that follow the movement of the boat, capturing the essence of water.